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Marcus Hiles Wine - Philanthropy is a Christian Act

Marcus Hiles has spent years building his wine collection, a collection that he loves to share with his friends and family whenever possible. He is the founder and owner of Western Rim Properties, which has developed and designed hundreds of luxury properties throughout the state of Texas. Hiles is a devout Christian, the son of a preacher in Massachusetts, and he carries the many values of the Christian faith with him wherever he goes. In the spirit of practicing what Jesus preached, a devotion to helping the poor and helping others whenever possible, Hiles has donated millions of dollars to support educational programs throughout Texas and more. He believes that his philanthropy is what his God wants him to do.

Marcus Hiles loves his wine, but he never loses sight of the people that need his help. He financed the construction of a new church in his hometown in Massachusetts and another church in his adoptive community in the Dallas area. Hiles believes that places of worship should be accessible for anyone who wants to sing the praises of the Lord and pray for their brothers and sisters. Hiles is very familiar with the Bible and all of its teachings, and he takes his philanthropic work very seriously in part because of his faith.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Marcus Hiles Wine continues to build his wine collection and develop properties in Texas while continuing his important philanthropic work wherever he can in his community. He is always looking for a new worthy and charitable cause.

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