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Marcus Hiles - Wine Enthusiast and Rice University Graduate

Marcus Hiles had to earn his huge wine collection that he enjoys now in his home in the Dallas area. Hiles built a real estate development company called Western Rim Properties in Texas that has grown prodigiously and created hundreds of luxury homes all with state-of-the-art technology of modern life throughout the state of Texas. Hiles earned his Bachelor’s degree at Rice University, which started him on his journey to become the successful businessman and generous philanthropist he is today in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Rice University has many undergraduate degrees available for students who are willing to become leaders and rise to the occasions of their fields. Rice is also a leading research university dedicated to the advancement of many fields in the academic realm, but it’s commitment to its undergraduate students cannot be forgotten. As Marcus Hiles learned before he founded Western Rim and started his prized wine collection, Rice has the resources to make the education experience for undergraduate students a useful and memorable one that they will draw upon for the rest of their lives. Rice is in the heart of Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States and uses its placement to help teach students the many lessons that such an eclectic blend of people that Houston offers.

Marcus Hiles was proud to be a Rice Owl long before he started building his wine collection in Texas and he continues to learn from his experiences there even now. Hiles also challenges himself to expand his daily, continuing education and learn new facts and skills throughout his life.

Marcus Hiles Wine
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