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Marcus Hiles - Wine Country Experiences

Marcus Hiles is a person who has discerning tastes, and this certainly extends to his love of wine. This Texas businessman has been able to accumulate a very impressive wine collection over the years, and he had opportunities to get started when he was a young adult. He understood the fact that education would be an important key to future success, so he placed an emphasis on his college studies. This highly driven individual obtained a Master of Business Administration degree at Pepperdine University, which is located in Malibu, California. Since the location is a destination for the rich and famous, there are many restaurants in the area that have extensive wine lists.

There is also the matter of going directly to the source when you are interested in wine, and Marcus Hiles had the opportunity to take road trips within the state of California that could be very educational. The Golden State is a hotbed for domestic wine production, and the California wine country is full of vineyards. This is a region of the state that is nestled north of San Francisco, and it includes a number of different specific areas. Many people would associate Napa Valley with California wine, and Sonoma Valley is a great place to grow grapes. The Russian River Valley and Bennett Valley are also well known for vineyards and wineries. Marcus Hiles Wine went to the state of California to get a good business education, but he could also venture north to get an education in wine production.

Marcus Hiles Wine
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