Marcus Hiles - On Wine and Real Estate

Marcus Hiles Wine is an expert on real estate development and fine wine, among many other things. He has learned many valuable lessons from his long career as the leader of Western Rim Properties, a luxury real estate development company based near the Dallas area. Hiles is very well-educated in business administration and how to be a successful entrepreneur and has, over the years, become a well-educated wine collector and taster. Hiles’ expertise as a real estate developer has helped his company build hundreds of luxury homes complete with upgraded technology for the full comfort and convenience of their occupants. He continues to challenge himself to learn more tricks of the real estate trade every day even now.

Marcus Hiles built his business and his wine collection by always keeping his friends in mind. For real estate businessmen, the way that properties get built and developed is with a high degree of collaboration. For any one house to be built, it has to first be designed well by the architect and thought out by the developer in terms of location and orientation. Then the construction crews come in. These crews have to be relied upon by developers and architects alike to make their vision for the property into reality.

Marcus Hiles and his wine got their start in the real estate development field. Without knowing how to collaborate with other businesses and individuals, Hiles would have never gotten the chance to develop dream homes throughout the state of Texas. He lives in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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