Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector - Advice For Giving In Times Of Crisis

Marcus Hiles is an entrepreneur, wine collector and philanthropist who has dedicated himself to improving local communities, while also donating generously to charity on both the local and national scales. Many people choose to donate to charity during times of crisis in an effort to help those who have suffered most. The following advice will ensure you give to the right organizations.

Research The Charity

In the wake of a crisis, many charities will mobilize to provide direct relief to those who have been affected. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous organizations that may try to take advantage of these efforts by claiming to do something with the donations they receive that they don’t actually do. Make sure you do your research to ensure you’re giving to a recognized charity that is capable of affecting change.

Don’t Send Supplies

While sending supplies may seem like a good idea, it is usually best to let the charity you’re donating to determine what is needed to help with the crisis. Unless the organization has specifically asked for certain supplies, it is almost always best to donate money instead.

Keep Tabs

Marcus Hiles, who is a wine collector in Texas, is always satisfied to see the good works that have been accomplished through the use of his donations. Keeping tabs on the work the organization you have donated to will also allow you to understand how the charity makes use of your money and the progress it is making in its efforts to provide relief.

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