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Marcus Hiles - Traveling the World in Search of Wine

Marcus Hiles became a wine enthusiast soon after his real estate development company, Western Rim Properties, began to take off in the Dallas area many years ago. Since then, he has traveled the world in search of the next bottle of fine wine for his cellars. Over his years of searching for the best wines he can find, he has learned many things about traveling to new and different parts of the world, including these three tips:

  • Back up all digital files. Photos and other digital files have a way of getting damaged or stolen sometimes while traveling the world. Make sure you backup your pictures of all the places you’ve gone in the cloud or an external hard drive.
  • Splurge sometimes. Marcus Hiles traveled on a budget before he made his fortune in real estate and started looking for fine wine. A shoestring budget allows you to travel for longer and allows you to experience more of the world, but sometimes it can wear on you. Don’t be afraid to splurge when you can to experience more of a foreign place.
  • Keep an open mind. Perhaps the most important piece of advice to a world traveler is to avoid judgment of other people and cultures. Remember that you are a visitor and you don’t know enough about the people around you to judge their ways.

Marcus Hiles has been to many places in search of fine wine and adventure. He’s planning his next trip when he isn’t planning new real estate developments

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